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Late - behindert
Portrait Name: Late - behindert
Race: Jagdhund Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 04.2011 (9 years old)
Approximate Height: 50 cm
Residence: germany

Late is a six-month-old mixed breed hunting dog, weighs about 15 kg and has a shoulder height of 50 cm.

Late was hit by a car and seriously injured a front leg. He then lay in a ditch and was found by police and taken to the vet. The injury is so severe that most likely an amputation to be performed. The chances are taught to fall, thereby naturally considerable. Poor Late! He is currently in the infirmary of the shelter Arconatura / Linares (Andalusia).

If you do not need a sporting dog, but rather make nice walks, then late would perhaps be just the right dog for you. And he will reward them with gratitude and love intended.

The surgery, which is the house you want, we can make love in Germany. If they have money left over eteas, it would tolll if you would support us. The operating costs determined here around 1000 .

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Password: Late - OP

If you want this poor treasure after surgery to give a home then you do not hesitate to contact Rosemarie Schmidt, in his connection to you will be happy to answer any questions about adoption.

Here are a treasure to the poor of movies:

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