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Portrait Name: Betty
Race: Breton
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 10.2005 (14 years old)
Approximate Height: 38 cm
Residence: Andjar

Unfortunately we have here again a very pitiable, poor mouse with a severe privation and destiny! The small Breton Betty is a purebred dog, about 6 to 7 years old and has a shoulder height of about 38 cm.

She was abused as a breeding machine and now simply and recklessly thrown over the fence of Alberto's animal shelter. Surely they belonged to a hunter who had no more use for them. Her teats are greatly enlarged, suggesting that they had repeatedly boy. This poor dog was by her owner just used and exploited, and after he had completely exhausted, he simply took off and threw them away like garbage - and that too without consideration and compassion for her badly injured eyes.

According to diagnosis the veterinarian Betty suffers from glaucoma ("Green Star"). Because of this disease associated with severely elevated intraocular pressure in the right eye is twice as large as the left. Alberto's doctor dares not follow this operation, which is very complicated and should only be performed by a specialist. It would be possible to remove the eye and use a glass eye.Unfortunately, she lost her sight in that eye - but by this procedure at least the terrible swelling could be stopped. In Cordoba there is an outstanding ophthalmologist, the Alberto gladly consult and seek for an operation would be.

The full-hearted Betty would be grateful! She's a lovely dog ​​with an impeccable character, approaching strangers and open-minded. If you caresses - which they certainly are not allowed to enjoy too often - it cuts easily and submissively in her head.

Who has compassion on this poor girl dog and would like to offer her a warm place?
Please contact Rita Black.

[Update = 24 11th 2011] Bettty has withstood the surgery well and hope that we can now find a loving home for the sweet mouse! [/ Update]

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