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Hello my name is Fiamma and I need to find a loving family.

Age: Three years
Weight: about 25 kg
Size: 52 cm
Characteristics: very loving, smart, people related, child-loving and cuddly

"I was discharged from my family in a killing station in Spain. The reason? I was bored and had dug holes in the garden. In May 2011, I came up with help from the SPCA and a family to Germany. I currently live in a foster home in 88317 Aichstetten. "

Fiamma is truly a treasure. She is very cuddly and playful, loves long walks and is very docile. You can handle all rules of decency, but still would be happy about a visit to a dog school because they like to learn new things.

We are looking for a family Fiamma in which it is held as a single dog and the kids are a little larger.

Fiamma is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for Mediterranean diseases.
How responsible is this sweet family mouse a nice home? Please direct all questions to Marko Bianca Chi.

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